Our Mission

To promote the art of Chinese calligraphy by extending its appreciation and fostering high standards in Bay area. Calligraphy is the visual art form prized above all others in China. Practiced for more than five thousand years in China, it is also revered in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Huafeng Calligraphy Art Association & Studio was established in 2010. 

華風工作室為華風藝”下设工作室旨在民族文化普及中華書法,定期舉辦書法及中國文化相關活動, 將華書法和傳統文化介紹給灣區更多的人。其書法教學在基本功訓練的同時注重書法的文化性和精神趣味,讓學生在學習與掌握基本書寫規律和方法的同時,感受中國書法的趣味神韻之巨大魅力。教授傳統書法並介紹中國文化相關內容 

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